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Sit In My Presence

This inspiration came about from one of our meetings a few weeks ago. I hope it ministers to you. Have a good week.

Sit in My presence, the radiance of My glory will bring you peace. These times of the sacrifice of your time bring Me delight, I cherish being with you.

Allow My Crown of Glory to shine through you, I will do the rest. Remember humility is the …

by Sylvia Villalpando - November 5, 2013 Continue Reading

A Modern Psalm in Praise of Healing Ministry

[The Prayer]

Jehovah Rapha.

God who heals.
Heal me.
Heal us.
Heal them.
Restore us to the image of your Son
Please, Jehovah Rapha.
We cry out to you.
Thank you.

[The Birth of Ministry]

The Mighty One soaks His prophets.
At first they sleep lifeless.
In healing waters He soaks them.
He restores them
Removing the world’s soot and grime.
He bathes them
In his holy waters
And baptizes …


Delight in me and remember what I am like and what I have done for you. I have given all to you promised by the Cross at Calvary.

Delight in me and I will soften your heart. Trust in me again and my Word. Look past the circumstances to know that my promises are true.

Delight in me and see me work to bring what is already yours, look again

by Sylvia Villalpando - September 3, 2013 Continue Reading