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Arrows of Deliverance


Morning declaration: The Lord is faithful to perform his word so I will put my trust in him, for he is ready to perform his word Jeremiah 1:12Hebrews 10:23 I will put my trust in the Lord for he is faithful to keep His promises!


Tell me once again who I am in you, help me to see your plan
The desires you placed in my heart, only you can bring them to pass
Slow me down so I can hear your voice,
Tell me once again who I am in you!
I listen for the Whisper of the Father’s Heart:


You are the arrow in My hand
My spirit will point you where you are to go
Only speak the words I give and only 
the time I say:


The arrow will hit its mark every time.
You are my arrow of truth to bring justice
You are my arrow of love to bring mercy
You are my arrow of peace to bring comfort
You are my arrow of joy to bring delight
You are my arrow of trust to bring faith
You are my beloved arrow
Trust me to send you further – you could ever hope for or imagine.
Remember this you are the blessed Archer of My word; for my bow and quiver will never leave your side.


In God’s hands, we are his arrows (artillery) of deliverance!


Psalm 127:4 Isaiah 49:2 2Kings 13:18 Psalm 64:7 Micah 6:8
Ephesians 3:20 Luke 4:17-19


Sylvia Villalpando


by Sylvia Villalpando - February 4, 2020