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A Modern Psalm in Praise of Healing Ministry

[The Prayer]

Jehovah Rapha.

God who heals.
Heal me.
Heal us.
Heal them.
Restore us to the image of your Son
Please, Jehovah Rapha.
We cry out to you.
Thank you.

[The Birth of Ministry]

The Mighty One soaks His prophets.
At first they sleep lifeless.
In healing waters He soaks them.
He restores them
Removing the world’s soot and grime.
He bathes them
In his holy waters
And baptizes them.
In fire He dries them off.

Jehovah Rapha touches their tongues.
He lights them like candles
In a dark and gloomy place.
Glory enters their hearts
And his Spirit rests
Settling in.

Suddenly they open their eyes
And rise to their feet.
They breath in deeply
As if for the very first time
The breath of life.



The new has come and the old has passed away.
Jehovah Rapha is answering the prayers of His people.

The prophets join hands.
They begin their work
Their calling
Their calling to call
Their calling to call forth
Life from death
In Jesus’ name.

Jehovah Rapha places His prophets on a mountain
Between heaven and earth.
He gives to them
Dominion to peer
Into the throne room of God and the heart of man.

Soon the prophets discover
They most clearly see and speak
When they hold each other’s hands.

And God says, “Call forth.”
Call forth
Truth in love.
Call forth
Hope out of despair.
Call forth
Healing out of infirmity.
Call forth
Life out of death.
Help the blind see
And the deaf hear.
Untie my children
And set them free.

And in this way
By my Word and Spirit
Grow my army,
Replenish my circle of prophets

And then Jehovah Rapha said,
You have My resurrection power.
You have My authority.
It will remain and grow
As long as you are humble
And lowly of heart.
Remember always
Who it is Who called you
Restored you
Baptized you
Gifted and connected you
To one another.

[Jehovah Rapha’s Blessing]

You are my priceless instrument.
My glorious choir
To sing forth my praises
Over a world of dry bones.

Lift your praises to the Almighty
Sing with the saints of the past
And yet to come.
Declare the goodness of your Maker
Enter into the joy of your Master
The One who calls forth life from the dust
And life from the grave
Through the blood of Jesus most glorious

Now and forevermore.


Benjamin W. Young DDS MS


by Benjamin W. Young DDS MS - October 16, 2013